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Part 3
"Sometime after the war, the building that held all the events of the previous generations were burned. Destroying all documents ever written to remember those events. Not sure of whom burned them, wars would begin again - villages blaming other villages. Hatred amongst villages begin to form once more. The only known history left recorded is those past down by the survivors through their family line. Due to this event, all villages decided to start over fresh. The chosen Shodai kage were all selected at a young age (most of them) - their skills were incredible and fit the title."

"Despite their power, they were not the only powerhouses - there were now ninja who could control elements. Not just techniques that use chakra to mold into elements, but the actual elements. It has been noted that no chakra was used or needed while manipulating their element. These ninja, however, appeared only after most villages gained a second kage (Nidaime). Not much is known about the first, or even second, kages. It is a strong mystery as to what has happened to the Shodai... are they alive or... dead? It is also noteworthy that the Jinchūriki of each Bijū has now gained formidable power, and possibly has the most knowledge of any ninja if they partner with their Bijū as their Bijū have been in existence since the very beginning but never once fought in the wars against Akatsuki. Most were captured, the others were put in hiding to keep from being extracted. Though, with the ever-growing powers they now possess, they may be the world's only hope against the newly forming Akatsuki..."

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The Plot/Story of Naruto FantasyWorld.
Various Locations found in Naruto FantasyWorld. (Mixture of Anime)
Original characters (Images found over the net).
Various Techniques found in Naruto FantasyWorld.
Kekkei Genkai
Clan Abilities. Abilities specific to clans only.
NFW Forum
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Naruto FantasyWorld Wiki

Welcome to the Naruto FantasyWorld Wiki. Founded/Created by Satoru Satoshi Uchiha (Me) of Naruto FantasyWorld, the Root Administrator. Most of the images within this wiki were not made by me, but some were edited by me. I do not claim any of the images edited or not. The original work of the images edited are given credit to those who did make them, as I am not 100% sure who did make them because they were all found simply by searching them.

This Naruto based Role-play is completely unrelated to the story of the series it's based off of. This RP has a mixture of many different anime aspects, which is listed below, which intends to better the RP. Below is a list of the anime (including ideas from the mentioned anime) that can be found in Naruto FantasyWorld:

Naruto FantasyWorld Wiki News

Naruto FantasyWorld is a Wiki based on a Role-play site. It is a play-by-post type of RP, and is placed within an Invisionfree board (Jcink's Version). If you wish to be a part of it, you will find many links pointing to the forum for you too register--example being in the top of the page.

The Role-play site has not been finished as of yet, but in time it will be. If you are aware of this fact, and aware that it will be confusing until it is completed because things are constantly changing, then you may go ahead and join but do not send it to others yet.

Featured Character of the Month


Hisashi Akaasa (粘土ひさし, Akaasa Hisashi) is the Leader of the Akaasa clan within Amegakure. Son of the legendary creator of Juinjutsu Hajime Akaasa and his wife Masami Akaasa, Hisashi would take the position as Leader of the Akaasa clan in Amegakure after his fathers death. Hisashi is also the first and current Jinchūriki of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, as well as the Shodai Amekage which had been given to him after the reset.

Hisashi has also lived for over 580 years with an appearance of a 19 year old, granted by a curse his father had bestowed upon him called the "Cursed Seal of Youth" in hopes that one day his son could bring peace as he himself had before his death. (read more)

Featured Quote of the Month

People are born with sin...and live life to obtain forgiveness from someone. Or perhaps they are born with riddles...and live life searching for someone to solve them...

Satoru Satoshi Uchiha

Naruto FantasyWorld Staff & Kage


  • Satoru Satoshi Uchiha (Forum Profile) | -- Head Administrator; Creator of both the Role-play forum as well as the maker of the wiki page for the forum.
  • Hisashi Mamoru Akaasa (Forum Profile) | -- 2nd Head Administrator; Creator of the first Naruto FantasyWorld (Part 1). His job as an Admin is basically the same as the Root Administrator.
  • Kaizoku Li Jin'ute Uchiha (Forum Profile) | -- Administrator; Her job is simple, and the easiest as she has a very busy life outside of RP, which consist only of watching out for rule breakers, accepting/denying requests, thinking of new rules, etc.


Kage Leaders of NFW

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